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Charlotte Macey holding a floral print lampshade with cow parsley in her home studio.

Charlotte Macey

bringing nature to life with thread and into your home...

Charlotte has been designing and making beautiful, practical homeware and accessories since 2010; each piece made to last, created for you and crafted with care. With a background in embroidery and degree in Textile Design, Charlotte quickly discovered her unique style of illustrative embroidery and has been hand making a unique range of printed and embroidered homeware and home decorations for the past 14 years from her studio in the Cotswolds.

It is here in the Gloucestershire countryside surrounded by fields of wildflowers that Charlotte developed her embroideries into printed fabric collections to decorate your homes. Finding inspiration in the colours and flora of the countryside, from wild cow parsley blooming in every hedgerow throughout summertime to the daisies and lavender flowers in her cottage garden.

Charlotte also finds inspiration in another happy place, by the sea. She has developed fabric designs of seashells from her embroideries and from the watercolour illustrations painted in sketchbooks whilst sitting on the sand in some of her favourite UK coastal spots.

Charlotte's British homeware collection ranges from sustainably-made linen cushions, embroidered linen tea towels and kitchen accessories, to an environmentally-friendly greetings card range and beautiful screen printed and hand-decorated crockery.



‣  Charlotte's collection of fabric is printed sustainably using pigment based inks. This type of printing requires much smaller quantities of colour compared to other techniques (therefore creating less waste), and also means that the fabric doesn't need further processing or washing off once printed = use of less water and energy.

‣  We use a lot of linen here at Charlotte Macey! Linen is a wonderfully sustainable and fully biodegradable fabric made from natural flax fibres. The whole flax plant is used in production so nothing is wasted - hello linseed oil and flax seeds! Linen production also uses very little water - flax is the second most water efficient fibre, after hemp. Linen is also super durable, so your lovely homewares are much less likely to wear out compared to other materials. No disposable consumer culture here! 



‣  Our entire range of greetings cards is made from 100% recycled paper, which is FSC certified and sustainably printed here in the UK. Each of our cards is packed with a recycled kraft paper envelope and packaged 'naked' - without any plastic sleeves!

‣  Did you know? We donate 10% of all card sales to Forestry England, to help grow and protect the nation's forests for generations to come.



‣  We use recycled or reused packaging materials wherever possible - from brown paper and cardboard to corn starch 'beans', all being 100% biodegradable. Where bubble wrap is needed we will either reuse wrap that we have collected, or you may notice that the wrap we post your goodies in is green - this bubble wrap is made from at least 15% recycled polythene and is fully recyclable after use. Don't forget to reuse all of your packaging too!

"Charlotte's range of stitched kitchenwares immediately casts a spell on you. As well as being chic, contemporary and incredibly well-made, they're completely and utterly irresistible"
– Harriet Brunsdon: production editor, Cross Stitcher magazine